Photography has been my work and passion for the last 25 years and still continues to be so. In that time I've done a lot of editorial and commercial work but always had a major interest in the art of photography. How could I suspend realism in a photo to make it more interesting that goes beyond the usual?

You can't look at these photos and not think about what David Hockney did in the 1980's with his series of mosaic photos that he called 'joiners' He was the pioneer of this genre of photography and his 'Pearblossom Highway' piece has always inspired me and still does. 

What I love about creating these pieces is the final artwork and how the elements create the whole and is probable a better reflection of how we see the world. We break it down, we focus on certain elements our eyes continually scanning the scenery. 

These artworks all have a few things in common. Firstly they are all 1m x1m square prints. Each one has 100 individual photos that create the print and each one takes a very long time to put together. 

I hope you like them and please consider supporting me and buying a print. 

With thanks